Bulgarian Wrestling


  1. @ZekoBeatz So all the wordl can be turkic regarding your panturkist dellusions, haha, but your shit state can not be half kurdish even they're 40% of your population?

    Bactria is the ancient state of bulgarians, there're archaelogical evidences identical to the Danube Bulgaria, names. And only your turkic encyclopedia claims everything great is turkic. Science proved we're white of origin, iranic branch.

  2. @AryanBulgar And 40% of Turkey is kurdish than come on dream on, if this would be real our country would called Kürdistan and not Türkiye. hahaha your iq is low so it doesnt make sense to talk with you. In Iran arent some turkics there is a huge Turkic minority something like 30-40 mio. hahaha Bactaria is in Afghanistan what does it have to do with Bulgaria today? hahaha The kingdom of Balhara was a kingdom of Bulgars and look please look what Bulgars are. Every encyclopedia say to them Turkic.

  3. @AryanBulgar It is true that Ancient greeks had wrestling in their culture but it was much more different than ours. The style how Bulgarians today wrestle is the style of Turkic people. To pretend what yours is but isnt yours is not honourful. In addition I want to say that Bulgarians today have nothing in common with Persian people but for that Turks have much more things in common with Persian people.

  4. @AryanBulgar Bulgarians appear in the 6th century in Europe! Before the region where today Bulgaria was, was the Byzantine Empire and before the Byzantine Empire it was a part of the Kingdom Macedonia. In the 6th century the Turkic Bulgars came to the region where today Bulgaria was and gave you the Bulgar. The name of your country is Turkic, you cant change it thats fact. After the Turkic Bulgars the region was slavized. Altaic people are Japanese, Mongolian, Korean, Tungusic and Turkic people!

  5. @ZekoBeatz How exactly is turkic when bulgARIANS and persians used it before you appear? Stealing and then pretending to be yours isn't good, you turk, remember it. And what means "altaic people"? Before China, the civilizaiton of those lands was aryan. Like if you say "asian" – in Asia you can find arabs, gypsies, mongols, whites. But I bet you don't get it. Ancient hellenic people have wrestling too, so what – they're turkic? Hahah, what a dellusionist.

    Turkics are shit, that's all.

  6. @AryanBulgar pehlivan is a turkic i said you before, a persian would say to the word pehlivan "wrestler" but a turk or turkmen would say you the meaning of it too.Wrestling is a traditional sport of Altaic people. Japanese have sumo, Mongolians have Bökh, Koreans have Ssireum and Turkic people have güres! Isn't it strange for you that every Altaic people have wrestling in their culture, but today in Iran isnt practised, only by Azeris! Turkic people are glorious because they ruled over Bulgaria!

  7. @AryanBulgar And what is the Rest of Iran? Turkic!!! Asparukh, heir of Old Great Bulgaria's khan Kubrat, migrated with several Bulgar tribes to the lower courses of the rivers Danube, Dniester and Dniepr (known as Ongal) after his father's state was subjugated by the Khazars and create the First Bulgar Empire in 681. I can show you many poofs, show me a proof that you are called for 3000 years B.C as Bulgarians and i will apologize to you.

  8. @AryanBulgar Wrestling is definetly not a persian sport.In Iran living 30 million Turkic people from the Oghuz Turkic descent.They took the word pehlivan to the persian language. The word pehlivan come from the Turkmen language and means there päälvaan which means the strong wrestler.After the 5th century you guys were called Bulgarians.So get it,if you dont like the name go an change it.You guys arent Turkic and I never say that, even if you want you cant be one of the glorious Turkic people.

  9. @AryanBulgar Wow i never know that korIANS were aryans too puhaha! You idiot this ian is a suffix in the english language. The word Bulgar came first of all in the 4th century to region of Bulgaria. Bulgar people were a Turkic people with some Iranian elements and ruled the region of Bulgaria. The name Bulgar is derived from the Turkic verb bulğa "to mix, shake, stir" and its derivative bulgak "revolt, disorder". You can read that in every encyclopedia, if you can read!

  10. @Fr3aKBG Wrestling is a traditional altaic culture. Japanese people are also altaic people and they have sumo or Mongolian people have Bökh. Through central asia wrestling plays a big role and Turks are from central asia. Dont forget that, for many years ago the ancient Turkic Bulgars lived in Bulgaria and in some regions of the Balkan. Maybe they brought it to you, because they was altaic too and spoke a turkic language. Even your countries name or your ethnic name is Turkic!!!

  11. the guy on top died in a car accident … GEORGI CANKOV he was great guy may he rest in peace 🙁 so next-time your in a car slow down and value your life : )

  12. @Fr3aKBG greco and roman took wrestlıng from etruscans, but turks had not taken it from any one.
    turks had brought wrestling from their mother land asia, samerules same still you fckin dumn …

  13. @lyoizisi no , even these guy in video are turkish 😀 dont worry . we know the truth, even greeks had taken wrestling by asian slave warriors :]
    wrestling is a turkic sport.

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