Gino Zanetti and Patrick have met, but they haven’t been in the studio together yet…but there’s a first time for everything! We talk these guys out of those pesky clothes and get them naked on the couch so that Gino can explore Patrick’s big dick with his mouth. Gino takes that cock between his lips and works it until it’s throbbing hard, standing at attention as Patrick gets up from the couch to give Gino better access. Gino gives that cock a little more love before Patrick gets on his knees to return the favor, massaging Gino’s prick with his tongue and hand as that dick gets thick and hard.

Now that they’re both hard, there’s no better release than a good fuck, and after we throw a little more money their way they agree to some gay sex and Patrick bends over and takes Gino’s cock. Gino Zanetti fucks that cute ginger in a couple different positions, making sure to push his prick in nice and deep, letting Patrick feel every inch as he gives it to him raw. As the pleasure builds, Patrick reaches down and touches himself, stroking the cum from his cock as Gino pulls out to do the same, littering Patrick with that thick jizz!

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