In his WWE debut on Maple Leaf Wrestling, Bret Hart teams with The Dynamite Kid against “Iron” Mike Sharpe and Troy Alexander.
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  1. Dream match:
    Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle (iron man match, submission match, steel cage, flag match)
    Bret Hart vs Brock Lesnar
    Bret Hart vs The Rock
    Bret Hart vs AJ Style
    Bret Hart vs Samoa Joe

  2. Vince Screwed Bret
    Vince Screwed Michaels
    Vince Screwed Helmsley
    Vince Screwed Owen
    Vince Screwed Batista
    Vince Screwed Cena
    Vince Screwed Shane
    Vince Screwed Sting
    Vince Screwed Backlund
    Vince Screwed Big Show
    Vince Screwed Gonzalez
    Vince Screwed Kane
    Vince Screwed Undertaker
    Vince Screwed Roman
    Vince Ruined Himself

  3. Ive been watching Hart lose every single week on WWE Network 1983 MidAtlantic. Pretty good jobber but it never really looked like him. Also Ruud, Road Warrior, Beefcake etc. all jobbing

  4. This is how I remember Bret Hart wearing the same shorts from his stampede wrestling days. Two greats Bret and Tom Billington aka dynamite kid.. they also had great matches against each other's..

  5. Bret Hart is one of the best gifted, scientific, and charismatic wrestlers in my honest opinion. When I remember Bret winning his first Intercontinental title from Curt Henning. After this, I thought that he may be WWF World champion someday. When he beat Ric Flair for the title after that, I knew he was one of the best.

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