Brachialis pain release exercises – Get Rid of Pain Instantly
Have you experienced pain in middle of your upper arm after armwrestling  in a brachialis muscle . From all the rotation and tension that is put on this muscle sometimes it will tighten up and won`t let go. Stretching this muscle is almost impossible but you can try (for stretching scroll down). If stretching won`t work try release techniques used in video (scroll down).  We use these techniques  to get rid of pain in upper arm or brachialis muscle.  We recommend you to invest in foam roller or physio ball (tennis ball will do it). Injuries can put you back by weeks or even years and your armwrestling career will suffer. Keep your arms healthy and your Toproll and Hook pain free.



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  1. Hi guys, i do not train or arm wrestle however I am a industrial tradesman carrying out heavy work on and with heavy equipment. I have been dealing with this exact pain you describe for around 8 to 9 month in my left arm. Sometimes barely being able to move it at all and right now I have a lump at this area. I have tried everything until i seen this. I really hope this works….

  2. It is a really helpful.I have tried and it seem to work. I am still not able to to bicep curls as I am feeling pain in the middle of the upper arm as well on the front of my forearm. Can you please suggest if I need to stretch some other muscles as well.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I get this pain when I'm bench pressing or shoulder pressing right in the middle of the outside of my arm. You think this will help? Thanks.

  4. mine is lower, where it ties in at the elbow crease. It hurts to squeeze the bar and bench, I lose all speed from my chest. It is a dull ache and sometimes it is in both arms. it really hurts after squats. but lately only during my heavy bench sessions.

  5. Yeah, I found the spot on my arm, it is a little ball. Mine was super tender to touch and rock hard. I did the wall exercise with a ‘rubber spikey physio ball’ and after, the burning was gone but it came back 3 hours later so I will try to do it twice a day for the next week. I have burning stabs of pain all in my arm, I can’t figure out why aside from I was flexing it quite hard for a couple days so maybe I strained a bunch of muscles? 🤔

  6. Hello coach . Thanks for this video it’s very helpful . It was the exact pain I was experiencing after I tried our arm wrestling for the first time a week ago . I have another pain in my wrist close to the right joint how do I get rid of that too and I hope is not as a result of my bad posture for the arm wrestling which I found after I talked to people about it . Will appreciate your help thanks

  7. My brachialis pain is way too brutal to lie on a foam roller. Tried with a foam roller against a wall, didn't help. Voltaren gel is the only thing that gives me some relief.

  8. I’ve been in pain for Months. This helped some but I also have pain and loss of strength in my forearm which is stopping me from being able to press dumbbells or do overhead press. Any tips for that?

  9. my arm has bern hutting for weeks and mo matter how I try to explain, no trainers really understood where it was hurting. this video is so helpful
    thank you !

  10. I woke up this morning with so much brachialis pain near my right elbow. I couldn't even pour myself a cup of coffee. I thought I was going to have to spend at least a week using my left arm & hand for everything. I couldn't bend, pick up or move my right arm or hand without feeling tightness and unbearable tension. After watching this video and using a lemon over a ziplock bag ( I couldn't find a tennis ball) to roll it against a wall I felt immediate muscle relief. Thank you!!

  11. Thanks guys for the upload. I will give this a ago. I have the the pain in that exact location for the past few months. I think I damaged it using the peck deck at the gym.
    If i stretch my right arm to my left and bend to 90 degrees is very painful, and i can't lift anything on the peck deck…

  12. I have a pain from inside when i did an arm wresting.,
    After my arm wrestling match i did a massage and i got some relief but the problem and the pain keeps coming back and I cannot carry any heavy things or weight .but,if i din lift any weight there's no pain.
    People advice me your veins of arm blood circulation is block take medicine but im not sure to that.
    Please do give me some advice on this…..thank you.

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