It’s our first Halloween together (where we dress up and go out). We had to get into the Halloween spirit by having a nice friendly pumpkin carving competition. Then, the fun part started. We were able to try on the costumes we bought. Adam chose one, Bernardo chose one, and then we both chose two costumes together.

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  1. Happy Tuesday everyone! I shouldn't have to post this, but who is the winner when it comes to the pumpkin carving? I think WE ALL know who won (Adam) haha 🙂 Happy Halloween if you celebrate it!

  2. Vocês transformao cada video em uma brincadeira… Isso é muito legal!! Los disfraces, muy divertidos también. Las dos calabazas están bien; Bernardo consiguió el toque final; la de Adam, tuvo buena idea, pero le faltó un final feliz mejor. Lo importante de siempre: que estáis juntos y formáis dos piezas perfectas de un puzzle inigualable. Obrigado!!


  4. Mim ajudem galera Adam e Bernardo, aonde eu aperto no inscrito, tem todas e personalizada é isso mesmo,tem como vê se fiz o certo eu apertei todas,vocês ficaram muito sex nessas fantasias de halloween muito sex.

  5. SEXY men in sexy costumes! What's not to love about that???? I vote for the wrestling singlets – and you should definitely go out like that! People need to see you guys showing off what nature and nuture/exercise has given you!

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