These are Bollywood stars who are gay

1. Karan johar

2. Manish Malhotra

3. Pankaj Sharma bobby darling

4. Vj andy

5. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

6. Imam Siddique

7. Manavendra Singh Gohil

8. Rohit Bal

9. Vikram Seth

10. Sushant Divgikar

11. Rituporno Ghosh

12. Rohit Verma
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  1. dude's
    so wat tat they're gays
    but whatsoever, those people are better than ya
    they've fame and fortune and lifestyles
    wat do ya have
    now stop being JEALOUS

  2. They are just rumors how could you believe them? nobody is gay and we should respect everyone in the society

  3. Shahrukh Khan is bisexual…
    Karan Johar is a gay.. and so are many other Bollywood personalities..designers etc.

  4. This is pretty cool, but I personally will have no conviction to these people unless I here it from their own mouths that they infact are gay. Even then I just like everyone else have no right to judge. So to these people I say be happy, be free, be kind, be wise, be strong. For god above this is all he / she cares about.

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