1. Only teens can get off on that girl on girl shit. Once you grow up and realize that they don't want shit to do with you it loses something. And showing the first black superhero king walking around with lesbian women doesn't help the black community. Our females already try to act masculine and the males feminine. Now they want to put this bullshit in the faces of black people knowing damn well that a lot of black people along with their kids will watch the movie.

  2. Well, it's no surprise that out of ALL the Marvel Studios' movies that they will choose the first black super hero film to put homosexual characters because black people cannot have something good without compromising their morals in this liberal era.

  3. First off, it's good to see you. Haven't seen you in a while. I thought you stopped uploading. As for the PR movie, I haven't seen it yet. I really wanted to, but I don't have the money or the resources to always get to go to the theater. I'm not even going to be able to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. As for the forced diversity thing, I understand how you feel, but it doesn't bother me, especially in the world we live in now. While I haven't seen the PR movie yet, I do know of the gay character in the movie. If these blockbuster movies can add some diversity in, I don't see a problem, as long as they don't make it feel forced, and that that aspect of the character isn't their only character trait, and they're well written. If they are forced or poorly written, I think that's more egregious than them just being there. Hopefully, one day, we'll live in a world where gay characters in a movie won't be a big deal, but until then, I'm fine with this. As for Black Panther, I haven't seen Creed yet (though I do know of its reputation), but I have seen Fruitvale Station, and Ryan Coogler is a great director, and the MCU is my favorite movie franchise, and it hasn't let me down since Iron Man 3. Ryan Coogler can do whatever the hell he wants.

  4. It's because nobody really cares about Power Rangers anymore. It's core audience is too old to care. Children of today have their own shows…

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