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  1. Hi all, I received several requests asking me to sub the newly released BL movie trailer, 花は咲くか Hana wa Saku ka, so here it is. I want to dedicate the translation of this movie trailer to everyone who has been so supportive of me. Thank you all for taking your time to watch the movies/clips that I've subbed. Have a safe and happy holiday season! If there are any Japanese/Chinese movies and clips that you would like me to translate for you, you can either message me or leave them in the comment section and I'll get to them assuming that there are no restrictions in place ◕‿◕

  2. Hi thank u for the subs! I wonder if u r planning to upload and sub "Saimon and Tada Takashi"? Thank u!

  3. Hello Kiyoshi. Question. Are you guys allowed to list the names now for the bl films or not ? There ate to that I am trying to find by Google. Thank you so much. Have a good day. 💖💖💖🌹🌹🌷🌷♠️♠️♠️

  4. OMG I remember waiting weeks, months, a year for new chapter of the manga. Hopefully live action won't disappoint.

  5. Omg yo me he leído este manga y no tenia idea que tendría LIVE ACTION, creanme que la historia esta súper bonita. 💑💑💑

  6. + Kiyoshi Ryota  
    Hi ♥   I need your help!!!!!!!   I´m looking for a Japanese (maybe new) BL film and I don´t know the name  :-((((    
    But here some infos about the film  (some days ago I´ve watched a Trailer on DailyMotion, but I really forgot where and I can´t remember the title…. 

    <> A gay young man is very much in love with his straight best friend and hopes that he feels the same. Unfortunately, he doesn´t return his feelings at all and tells him that he only likes women. Somehow they have to argue (don´t know exactly why) and when the straight guy comes home, the gay cutie is gone … The straight guy then stands on a bridge and talks to himself that and is really sad that his best friend is gone and he had become so used to the really beautiful harmonic living with him. As he stands on the bridge and talks to himself, the gay cutie comes with his packed suitcase exactly to him.The straight man hugs him and tells him not to leave. He needs him and then he whines his ears full of how great it was to live together. Then the gay cutie takes his chance and kisses him … and look> the other one thinks that´s not that bad… then they kiss each other again … and he likes that even more.
    And then the gay cutie tells him that he didn´t intend to "leave" him – he just wanted to travel over the holidays to his family because he has not seen them forever.><

    Maybe you know the film and you can tell me the name?! 
    Sorry for bothering you. But you are my expert of  BL ♥♥♥ 😘

  7. I read the manga (one of my favorites) a couple of months ago and now the movie trailer comes out oh my god i am so excited

  8. gracias por siempre traernos nuevas propuestas espero seguir viendo mas traducciones .Saludos y un Feliz Año Nuevo

  9. Thank you so much for the subs ❤ I re-read the manga after watching this video. Anyway, would you mind to tell me about the soundtrack used in this trailer? 😀

  10. i just realized that the real age gap between those 2 actors is 18 years just like sakurai & youichi!!!

    ((((also i don't rmbr 0:29 ~ 0:36 in the manga!))))

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