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  1. Blanket statement such as sensitizing in reference to "uncle, Brother, cousin" leaves for the argument that many have had to recognise within natural close relative experiences the capacity to evolve for the better… manifesting true jesus like attributes as opposed to contrived verdicts…

  2. does anyone else have google on the ready to look up words? ipso facto, obfuscating, it feels like an honors level class whenever watching this guy if nothing else my vocabulary increases…

  3. As long as the Holy Church has representatives like BB and a great many other gifted vocations, moral arguments will continue to be exchanged. Do not underestimate the essential role of the Holy Church in today's world; it is pivotal.

  4. I don't understand how it's up to anybody else other than the individuals involved.
    The milder religion becomes, the more moral and with the times it becomes.

  5. This is a philosophical discourse on right and wrong. But it does not quite address the morality of gay marriage itself or the lack thereof. Something can be neither right nor wrong. Liking ice cream for example. The term “marriage” itself to a Catholic or Christian means something quite different then to a non-Christian. To Catholics it is a sacrament . To the secular world, marriage is firstly a contract. Culture gives it additional meaning. Christians and Catholics may assert than gay marriage offends their laws and reject it outright. But that is marriage within the church. If we are going to say gay marriage is a moral danger to society and as Christians we should fight it tooth and claw, even for civil marriages, who bears the burden of proof ? The proper intellectual domain for this discussion is Moral Philosophy more than Logic. As for the Law, what Justice Kagan is saying that there is danger that when we argue from morality alone in a legal argument there is a danger we are trying to justify discrimination. In fact I would say almost all discrimination appeals to some moral principle to excuse injustice. That is the red flag. A red flag is not “no” . It means be careful here.

  6. Gay marriage is expressly prohibited in Jewish and Christian Bible doctrine. So, if one voluntarily wants to submit oneself to Judeo-Christian moral code, fine. But this is the burden of strictly observant Jews and Christians. But those who do not subscribe to Judeo-Christian behavioral restrictions should not be compelled to abide by such, so long as they do not impose their views on others. To clarify, if two people of the same sex wish to marry, it is not for me, no for government, nor for religious authority to step in and prohibit such, using state power to do do. But, that said, if a same sex couple were to come into my bakery, flower shop, wedding planner service, etc. and demand that I serve them in preparation of their same-sex wedding, I should be free to refuse, on account of my religion or on whatever grounds. My refusal to accommodate in no way prevents their same-sex marriage, with which I've no right to interfere. But by the same token, neither have I the obligation to participate. But, if I were a county or parish clerk of courts, I would have no right to refuse to issue a marriage license on account of the marriage license applied for were for a same-sex marriage. The clerk's office is not a private enterprise. It is a government agency. The clerk of courts upon assuming office takes as oath to perform duties of office. If 5he clerk's religious or other moral convictions prohibit his issuance of a same-sex marriage license, this is not the burden of the same sex couple applying for marriage license. It would be the clerk's burden. In such instance, if the cletk's convictions prohibit his issuance of same sex marriage licenses as is his duty as clerk of courts, he should resign his office. It might be argued that in some cases, either by legislation or court decision, the law regarding same-sex marriage changed after the clerk assumed office and the clerk never agreed to issue same-sex marriage license as part of his duties of office. So what? Laws frequently change. The oath of office states that the office holder will execute duties of office, not that the clerk can pick and choose. Ultimately, in free societies, your rights stop at my nose.

  7. It may not follow automatically that a good gay person should also be married, but you still don’t bring forth an argument for why gay marriage shouldn’t happen. It is still clear that you have some sort of bias against homosexuals when it comes to their desire to marry their loved ones. This may be one of the first videos I’ve seen of Bishop Barron’s where I think he’s really got it all wrong. He’s usually so full of spiritual wisdom but homosexuality seems to be something the Catholic Church just can’t grow to understand. I think it would be best for him to do some real soul searching on the matter.

  8. Grace be with you brethren in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, I thank God our Father for accepting me on His Kingdom of His Son and as a garden still on cultivation,
    Brothers and sisters stop saying you " We we're born this way", All the spirit of sins are not from God, but "We humans are all from God", He made and knitted us on our mother's womb for purpose and free will, but the sins are not from God but from the rebelious fallen angel, which is the serpent that "Tempted the humanity" on our dowfall. We are all from God our Father, but we are not from the father of sins: discouragement, confussions,immorality, discouragement, lies, hopelessness and all negativity which is from the devil. We are born on "likeness and image of God" which are "Humans"
    but the devil tainted us and made us believed we are born "This Way".
    Nope we arent, The Lord Jesus told us and warned us that the devil is a liar and there was no truth on him, father of lies, hatred, doubt and so on twisting truth into lies producing discouragement of the us the Children of God to depart and condemn are selves from our Savior and Lord Jesus.
    On the gospel the Lord Jesus said "Deny yourself" and follow me. We
    Humans was consumed by our own sins that satan has produced .The Lord Jesus means repent, deny, and forsake your sinful selves and follow Him. There are many "unclean diseases" in people in the Gospel and the Lord Jesus always replied " Do you believed I can?", "Unclean disease Lepper" is known to be uncurable disease, that symbolizes the "sin" that afflicted us that we thought its uncurable, 😄😄😀😀 So stop saying " I am who I am", No you're not, you are Child of God, He loves you, If you believed and follow Him, He will cleansed it, and you will be born again. In the Gospel the Lord said to the woman that has "uncurable internal bleeding" she said to her "your faith has cured you, daughter".
    Sin is nothing but a disease that people thought its uncurable, but the Lord Jesus is the Great Doctor, He mends broken the heart. So dont be hopeless. So dont condemned yourself away from the Lord Jesus, In God everything is possible, one touched if you believed He will cure you. You're a Child of God, you're not a child of sin. God loves you more than you know. Paul mentioned was all the spirit of sins that afflicted and corrupted the human soul in I Corinthians 6: 9-10, the spirit of homosexuality is not from God and not from us but it is from the devil the father of all sins. So stop saying God made you that way, No He didnt, But It is from the father of lies and sins the devil. So stop departing and hating the Lord Jesus, He came for all of us to be cured and freed from what we think "uncurable unclean disease" which is the shackles of any spirit of "sins" . God is our Father who made us, We all are all humans came from Him , not from the devil who produced lies, misery, and disbelief. So please brothers and sisters, If you are willing to be free. Repent, forsake,deny put off the old man of yourself and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be hard but remember we all have a cross to carry. Submit to God and resist the temptation of sin , Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these shall be added unto you. Do not condemn yourself God knew all our pain, His thought is higher than all of us, Read the Book of Isaiah. It is the God's mercy, judgement and justice for the oppressed.
    God's justice is right and just, why? because it is written: MERCY ALWAYS TRIUMPHS JUDGEMENT.
    It is all the cause of the wicked while we are on a great pain of self-hatred, to others and to God because of the hatred and confussions. But God was never the author of confusion but of peace, thats why He came down and walked here on earth, as the Light in the darkness.
    We are all Children and made by God and we we're never an accident so stop hating yourself. it is the spirit sins that caused us such hatred to ourselves and to God.The Lord Jesus said the eyes are the window of our souls on what we see can affect are soul, so see things only that is good so it will brighten your soul and if that is bad it can darken your soul and corrupt it. But again Lord Jesus is a Great Doctor that mends broken heart, souls, and cast off unclean spirits all you have to do is to follow and deny and depart from your oldself and resist the sin of any lust of the flesh on mind, heart, soul and physical and lived and walked into what God's Will's you to do by His Son Lord Jesus Christ.
    God will purify us all by one touch if you believed and accepted His Son and all sins and impurity are cleansed and we are all now in the Book of Life. "Their sins and their lawlessness deeds I will remember no more" – Hebrew 10: 17
    Walking on Spirit will be quite hard because the sins of spirit that you fomerly commited and renounced in the past will try to attack you and tempt you and you have to resist it but do not fear or fear not you have the Great Shepherd on your side, that will uphold you with His righteous right hand.
    Dont condemn yourself, God knew and sees everything that happened in the our past why we are like these. Watch the Parable of the prodigal son for brothers who seeks God and to sisters who seek God watch Amazing love : Gomer and Hosea.
    Peace be with you all, May the grace of the Lord Jesus Chrisr be with you all. Amen.

  9. Brilliant analysis as ever. You could add the hijacking of language to the mix. The Irish referendum was sold to us as Marriage Equality, oh right, if I vote against it, I am against equality!

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