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In the world of wrestling, there are all types of botches and bloopers that occur all the time. These moments are unpredictable, can enhance the show, and can create funny moments that fans talk about forever. Some of the biggest bloopers involve the biggest WWE Superstars.

During a street fight against Kane, Randy Orton did not see his proper footing on an announcer’s table and took an awkward fall. The Shield used to enter through the crowd, but maybe Seth Rollins rethought that decision after botching bad. Luchador wrestlers are supposed to keep their masks on, but Alberto Del Rio made the mistake of tugging a little too hard on Kalisto’s mask. The Undertaker spent a few years riding on a motorcycle but his rides didn’t always go as planned. Sycho Sid went a rampage during a Barber Shop segment, but something fought back against him that he didn’t expect. Zack Ryder once wrestled in ECW against a wrestler whose trunks burst open at the seam. Matt Hardy’s journey to becoming broken may have started on WWE Superstars when he fell. AJ Lee used to team up with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston, but her own teammates may have injured her. The 3 Man Band were a goofy group and they used their time together to deliver a blooper-reel promo. Baron Corbin has fallen off a few ring aprons. One was a botch and the other was done on purpose. Check out all of these bloopers and see how they aired live on WWE programming.

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    එවැනි ප්‍රසංගයක් තිබුනේ නම් එය පර්සල් කාමරයට වඩාත් සුදුසු වනු ඇත” ඇය අපට පැවසුවේ පුළුල්හරිත පැහැයෙන් යුත් පිටු හරහා ය

  2. Seth Role – inns, just stop it man. I was watching another vid like this and the man narrating the video couldn’t figure out how to say cezaro he was like Seezerr – oh. Straight goofy.

  3. What about when Taker was wrestling Hogan and Hogan jumped on Taker's bike to chase him with it up the ramp and Hogan stalled the bike…Taker ran up the ramp while Hogan tried to get the bike started, and it wasn't cooperating…Taker had to kind of wait for him, yet still look like he was running from him. It was botched pretty badly.

    Another one was on RAW, when Jackie was slammed on the mat and her top completely came down showing her full tits on live TV.

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