As Big Cass gloats about his punishing victory over former friend Enzo Amore at WWE Great Balls of Fire, The World’s Largest Athlete sends a message to the titanic turncoat.


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  1. Say what you want but damn Big Cass was awesome on the mic, miss him, heard he has addiction problems right now though really hoping he turns his life around

  2. I can read lips. Cass is saying: "Please Mr. Show, sir, I meant no disrespect. I would be extremely grateful if you would not rip my arm off and bludgeon me with it".

    P.S. There's always a bigger fish Show.

  3. Big Show is in the best shape he has been in the last decade and even more. Defined arms, his pecs are showing, no fat face. He only appears to have gotten weaker in the legs and they are x shaped but it's normal for a man at this age and size, his enormous peak weight has taken it's toll on him. Respect for the big man

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