A young man is sent to live with his homophobic brother after he is forced out of the closet.

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Laurent de Froberville
Theo Schneider
Takalani Mutighe
Juliette Pauling

Written/directed by Chadlee Skrikker
Produced by Kayla Pendlebury and Natasha Dixon
First Assistant Director: Natasha Dixon

Edited by Louise Bruwer
Cinematography by Carl von Pfeil
Costume and Makeup by Lauren Cornish
Production Design by Morgan McBride
Sound Design by Dawie Roux
Music by Adam van Schoor
Visual Effects by Keenan Olivari


#KinoburoArchive #Thriller


  1. Well made but also quite so sad in that there are people exactly like this "brother" who claim to be doing God's work by converting people with violence like this. The people who need converting are those who preach hate. If God exists, those types will never see the light of day in his house.

  2. This was fucking horrible… 2020 has been bad enough. We didn't need this shit. I want some Hallmark style sappy gay love story movies, with guaranteed happy endings. I can't take films like this…

  3. Homophobia is disgusting in all it's forms. But I find it even more egregious when it's committed by black people (no matter where they are from) because we know what it's like to be hated for what we are, and when it's committed by family (family should be your safe haven not matter what)!

  4. It's now 2020 and unbelievable, there are people like to live and think same as in 1900. Their brains are more than 100 years back …. sooo bad !!!

  5. Brilliant! As a writer/author of gay-themed books, screenplays, and articles, and a former gay radio talk show host, I can say from experience that this short had it all. Very soon and good friend of mine and I will begin a YouTube channel confronting the remnant of the Conversion therapy/Ex gay groups left in the U.S.A. hopefully driving the final nail in their coffin. 
    I am also a survivor of a year in an Ex gay/Conversion Therapy religious group. Watching this film stirred a lot of emotions and made me recall the hurt done to me over the course of that year. After 3 years of therapy to recover from the emotional damage they inflicted, I still carry an anger and a desire to see them stopped legally and exposed for the fact that they prey on those who are going through self-=doubt, internal sexual conflict, and social/religious persecution. The public is quickly changing here in the USA. Polls show about 69% of the general population no longer view LGBTQ+ people as different or in a negative way. That % is growing by 1-2 % a year. Yet we still have these EX GAY groups hanging on. In my first book I coined the leaders of the EX GAY groups; EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES feeding off the hurts of others.
    As we begin the process of setting up the YouTube channel, I decided we would need a daily motivation to stay angery and fight to end this practice. So, I have decided to make the viewing of this video our daily motivation to bring down what is left of the Ex gay movement because I was so stirred to anger by it.
    Several of the men who originally started the Ex-gay movement here in the USA, like John Paulk, Michael Bussie, and John Smid, (Exodus International) have renounced it, and are married with husbands, are FB friends. They will help in my endeavor. The LGBTQ+ community and those still trying to realize and accept  their sexual orientation, are best served by these groups being put out of business.
    Thanks for the motivation, via your short film.  It truly was very well done, and I have seen hundreds.

  6. I told my parents at age 22. they were NOT HAPPY at first. I told them, this is who i am, you can STFU, and deal with it, OR I will never speak to u again!!!!! I DONT NEED ANYONE!!! guess what??? they dealt with it!!!!!!

  7. Many cross cutting themes of homophobia, gay conversion and gay reaction are brought together in this effective short film. Not an easy watch but the issue is complex.

  8. A hero died is pretty much better than a coward alive
    PS. The kind of brothers I discard either way, one coz it’s the weakest shit ever and the other coz thinks he’s the strongest and rule the world. Both should have perished in the end….

  9. This made me sick. The inhumanity that still exists today is upsetting and revolting….but which in the back of our minds we still know happens.

  10. Thank you. A good movie, it is just sad such storylines reflect attitudes that still exist in some communities today in the 21st century. I was marching 50 years ago to change the law in my country and I am now married to my husband after a partnership of 30 years.

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