There were many great Gay Themed Movies in 2019. Here you can find our “TOP 5 Ranking of the Best Gay Movies in 2019”!!!

Please let us know in the comment section if you agree with our ranking! If not…what were your TOP 5 Gay Movies in 2019?!


  1. 'Mario's ending was very disappointing… It bothers me, like how many straight romance movies are there where the main character doesn't actually get a happy ending? They often have that fairytale ending where everything just falls into place and everyone is happy. But with gay films it's almost rare to get a happy ending where the couple actually stay together…

  2. The first 2019 gay movie that I watched is Mario. Well it is really good. The ending was also what it is meant to be, although it's a sad ending, this teaches the main character on choosing between his main goal (career) vs his new step of life (new love) and it tells as that losing someone you love is more bitter than the sweetness of achieving your dream

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