Beneath the Skin (Canadian Gay Movie)

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  1. Thanks for this great Movie. I really liked the storyline and also the place where the movie was made. I loved the great chemistry between Jay and Joshua. But also the couple who took Jay in. How amazing they supported Jay and later Joshua. I am happy for the great ending, but I also would have liked to see more. I lost time while watching and I would like watched even more. ❤

  2. Wonderful movie. Thanks much for the upload. Did not like the fact that bullies did not face justice or that music was three times louder than dialogue.. But, this was really a great movie with the right ending.

  3. Typical.. the School doesn't tolerate hitting. Zero tolerance… their Zero Tolerance needs to include all bullying.. Verbal abuse is bullying…

  4. One thing I will Never understand about Hatred is the time and effort haters put in, I mean they go out of their way to plot and Plan various ways to Harm us Gays Like it has become your part time job now LMAO. It's baffling to me, Just focus on your own life and leave us Be we aren't hurting nobody.

  5. A nice Canadian film.

    However, I am disappointed that the storyline portrays the ideal that its okay to bully as there are no repercussions for your actions. As Josh sat in the principal's office, I could not understand why he would not defend himself. The charges started at bullying by that horrible C You Next Tuesday. And she brings in her closeted BF to help with the harassment…only to then commit multiple crimes (B&E, destruction of property, etc). Why the hell does the school administration not even ask WHY?! I would have sued the school, sued the shitheads and for the beating in the park – off to jail.

    Oh, and we can't forget Jay's dad. If that was my dad beating me like that for being gay, I would have broken his arm and kicked him in the nuts until he begged for forgiveness. Hypocritical religious nuts who have no idea how to follow the world of the Lord. Kinda wished Jay got so famous that he could buy all the land from under his parents and kick them out and make them penniless!

    Otherwise…it was a great story with a happy ending.

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