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SNAKE boy Aditya Kumar Jangum’s hyper-flexibility has made him a celebrity in his hometown. Living near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, India, 13-year-old Aditya has spent eight years honing his contortionist and yoga skills. His condition, hyper-mobility, has amazed his parents and friends, but Aditya wants to use it to his advantage and carve his name into the Guinness Book of World records. Aditya credits his crazy twisting skills to his coach – Mangesh Kopker – who has been training him since he was eight years old. 

Videographer / director: Shams Qari
Producer: Haziq Qadri, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. Also all you people saying you wish you could be that flexie or have that condition, you don't want that condition or any flexibility condition as we get anxiety and joint pain and even some get depression and scoliosis

  2. I think that he has ehlers dandlos syndrome rather than hypermobility syndrome. I have hypermobility syndrome and I'm not as flexible as he is. I'm still more flexible than your average human but just not as flexible as him

  3. I used to be this flexible, but I didn't have hyper mobility. It came fairly easy to me but I had to work very hard to get to the point I did.

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