My experience with being gay in a sorority.. it gets better fam I promise!

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  1. I'm not sure I see a huge difference between the demographics of a random sorority and the population as a whole. Obviously the vast majority of the people in the sorority (just like the vast majority of people on Earth) are going to be heterosexual. So, aren't their hobbies, attitudes, and prejudices going to reflect that? I.e. Sororities and frats are naturally going to be pretty "heteronormal" right?

  2. I'm from a South Asian Muslim country where homosexuality is punishable by law. And I know that for me things are never going to get better. The scared girl you were in college, THAT IS ME, and I'm going to be that girl forever. But you still make me feel better and I love you for that.

  3. Shannon, you're exactly the type of girl that I like, very outgoing, with a pure and clean beauty! If I'd see you in a club, I'd immediately fall for you! It would be a little shock if I started to hit on you only to discover that you don't like men

  4. Im sorry, but super religious does not = "awesome". It almost always = prejudice, bigotry, inequality, segregation, misinformation, etc, etc, etc….
    Good on you for surviving all that, staying above it all and being the person you are 😉

  5. Also I just like to clarify as conservative Republican a new conservative Republican if you’re gay just come out it is 2018 people there is nothing wrong with being gay and for every 10 people that hate you for who you are there’s 100 that will love you just be yourself and be happy don’t ever worry about making somebody else happy trust me there’s a lot of usThat could care less whether you’re straight or gay

  6. I'm sorry that you had to go through that. But it's good to see you are able to talk about it. And it's great that you have found yourself. Keep moving on towards this path of self love.

  7. Glad everything turned out OK! So… I'm probably not the first person to wonder: is that a low-key Tri-Delt reference in the pillow with the three triangles? Or is that super obvious, and everyone knows already?

  8. It's like being atheist and hearing a pole that states most americans would trust rapists and killers before an atheist.
    Or municipalities won't hire an atheist.
    Boy Americans are really messed in the head.

  9. Remarkable … the first gay Greek woman I ever knew was a Tri-Delt from University of Texas, who was active in the 1950s. She was a bluestocking (academic) and quite erudite. I'm only sorry she was stuck in a place and time when coming out was TOTALLY impossible; she deserved better than she got.

  10. The would you rather thing is not homophobic at all, for a straight person having sex with a person of the same gender is a disgusting thought, and the same is for for lesbians and homosexuals men

  11. I can't imagine how difficult it is to live life in the closet and be terrified that someone will find out that you're gay. I think it's sad that we live in a world where being gay is such a difficult thing. Fortunately, people have become a lot more open-minded and accepting about it, even if some religious people consider it a sin. We should never have to feel ashamed to be who we are.

  12. And that how a got your STD. Lol. Being gay is not a thing and you are making money out of it. Sadly being black still a big problem use your voice for something more useful.

  13. The fear by gays is a result of the failure of college Administrators Security Police Government and all those sworn to "protect and defend" all citizens not just rich straight white contributors. I have experienced first how vicious and predjuiced straight white rich can be.

  14. Great video ! I am a 52 year old straight man who has been happily married to my wife for 28 years . I have a very open mind and your subject title caught my eye . You seem like a very nice person and I am happy for you that you can be yourself now and seem truly happy . New subscriber !

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