The Teen Titans in Teen Titans Go are really different from the Teen Titans that are in the original Teen Titans comics!

On WHAT THEY GOT RIGHT, Ruby Jay tells you about all the different storylines from the comic that never made it to the TV screen!

→ Credits ←
Starring Ruby Jay

Director: Alex Hoffman
Writer: Joey Clift
Director of Photography: William Christensen
Camera Operator: Matt Kreuger
Gaffer: Scott Ray
Edited by Paul Latza
Assistant Editors: Timothy Conroy, Ryan Murphy, Jasper Tatem
Post Supervisor: Drew Hamilton
Production Coordinators: Allyson Kloster and Leal Naim
Line Producer: Jeremy Chilvers
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers
Production Designer: Dan Fox
Set Decorator: Carolina Cortella
Photo Editing: Amanda Roth
Set PA: Ken Morris
Sound Mixer: Ian Wellman
Studio Teacher: Mary Ellen Spaniel

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