BearCity is a witty and sexy story of a group of big, hairy men — living, loving, and learning in the Big Apple. Take the girls from Sex and the City, inject them with large amounts of testosterone, tape fur coats to their bodies — and you have something almost as great as BearCity.

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  1. Sziasztok, magyar feliratot keresek a filmhez. Tudna esetleg valaki segíteni az ügyben ?

  2. حاووولت احمل الفلم كااامل وماقدررت القى الرااابط الاصلي للفلم

  3. What a terrible love interest. That wasn't even a bear! Just some slutty, in-shape 40-something sell-out jerk with anger issues that gave no thought to getting tested when getting with the kid after getting with so many other guys (and one the night before). Hopefully he'll change his ways in the sequel because I have no idea what the kid or writers saw in the guy.

  4. Shweet, wish there were more bears around my city like me, the typical flamboyant and jock types kind of get old, but I still love them!!!

  5. Paws up for handsome bears world wide.Loud and proud bear !!! Love you all hairy bear brothers and bearhug

  6. omg who knows the song that is played at the very end of the movie when Tyler and Roger kissed?? Pls and thank you!!

  7. who knows the song of the workout session in this movie ? (the one where you can see a character who is naked in his room)

  8. @Ishon14 Yes it does! I feel like im coming out three times cause i like bears, im gay and im into OLDER men 'daddy type" soo ya.. lol

  9. @sven2507 HAHAHA. First off, your comment made me laugh because of the poor grammar. Secondly, I seriously had to laugh out loud (not just type LOL) after I looked at your favorites. Seriously, you have the audacity to judge what is funny and what isn't, when you'r favorites list on your page look like the happenings of a retarded koala with adhd. I also laughed when I saw that you favorited titty videos (making nachos, really??) AND Shakespeare's Sister, Pink, and Amy Winehouse. Closet case.

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