I’m a big fan of the Hot Ones and Billie Eilish, so I decided to combine the two together to create Bad Guy! Billie made some weird sounds throughout the interview, so I decided to use only the sounds she made to make what you hear in the video!

Just a fair warning, Billy burped a lot throughout the interview, so I used her burps as a replacement for her vocals haha. You may ask, “WHY WOULD YOU RUIN A GREAT SONG LIKE THIS?” I’M SORRY CURIOSITY ALWAYS GETS THE BEST OF ME.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it!

This is one of many dumb ideas that are constantly running through my absent mind, so look forward to more mediocre videos that aren’t well thought out. I’ll be making a weekly series of creating weird recreations/remixes of memes and music from various artists, so if you’d like to see when I upload, consider subscribing here and joining the family! 😀


Listen to bad guy here:


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  1. Thanks for watching!!! 🙂 AND I'M SORRY FOR THIS ATROCITY. Curiosity got the best of me, and now I know burps aren't too bad as an instrument HAHA.

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