Every Sunday, for our fans in the United States you can see an exclusive Xplosion match right here! This week we bring you Bad Bones vs. Jesse Godderz in a very competitive match up!


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  1. I have no problem with Old School, since I actually prefer it, but I think the Bad Bones gimmick sounds way too generic, when this guy could have been brought in as a German bad ass. I think there are spots when you can tell he's been overprotective with kicks and such, and I think he could be a little stiffer without literally injuring his opponent.

  2. I've been a loyal impact fan since 2008. I watch impact as it airs every week and buy every ppv including one night only. However I'm finished with it! With the bullshit with the Hardy's, Galloway and now the miracle Mike Bennett and Maria, they absolutely deserve whatever comes from loosing ALL their big stars. I've defended this company through thick and thin but this is the last straw. Goodbye TNA/impact!

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