I’m so sorry if I kept you guys waiting for this week’s series, it’s just that I didn’t have the idea to make more scenes for this, but luckily my brain invented a logic idea so—- yeah, I’m just sorry ✌

For this week’s series….their’s this 2 boys who fall in love within a day, it probably have 3-4 main characters staring, (Dan, Zach, Haru and Melissa.)

This video also contains:

1. Cussing Words (with asterisk) (*)

2. Inappropriate Action (logical story)

3. Time Scape (Passed Scene’s)

4. Bad Grammar (Uncomplicated Words /
Uncleared Sentences.)

5. Kiz(ing) Scene’s (Not too many)

This Is A Gay Mini Movie.

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  1. Do u think this is a little bit hot am sweeting of gayness right now ( but i feel like sad at the same time thw story sad thts what i ment)

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