I am back with another video dedicated to answering your questions in the most entertaining way possible. If you would also like to have your question answered and featured in the video, feel free to drop those questions in the comment section with #DonteQA at the end. Maybe I’ll answer your question in next weeks video! Also, depending on how many questions I get, I may start to answer ten questions per video instead of 7. SO KEEP THOSE QUESTIONS COMING, FAM!!

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  1. found your channel as recommended video (Your gaming origin videos) and now you got me binge watching your videos. Hell you even got me hype to go to the gym tomorrow.

    I subbed.

  2. Lmao. MY first time was at 13 and for…could be either a vid or a pornhub vid, haha. (I'm 30 btw) you're funny af and give good gaming advice. first patreon

    Ps if you check your comments please change my name to Tony Ryan.

  3. How big is ya dick like in a scale from extra small to small cuz you probably not packin’

  4. How would you spot a gayfer? First he doesn't talk gay, show any signs of his gayness, I think at all. So he can't be besides everyone else spreading rumours and shit!

  5. My ni🅿🅿a hitting us with the important Q and A. Glad to see them subs steadily increasing, donte

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