We react to the beautiful gay short film Aquarium, by Yonatan Tal!
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  1. You guys are so cute I am a lesbian so you guys are keeping me alive and happy and you guys should do a 24 hour challenge

  2. Guys, i don't speak english very well, but i can understand you a bit, and i love both of you ♡ i started watch your reactions and i really like your videos. You're so cute together!

  3. On Bryan'S NECK… Is a hickey??? If its not, let me dream ahhahaha. LOVE YOU GUYS, WISH YOU THE BEST OF THIS WORLD <3

  4. I love the level of interaction between you two and viewers, not every channel does that. When you put out gay short reactions like this, I feel like your interpretations are the best part because in reality, you're helping someone across the world or down the street feel a little more comfy wumfy cozy wozy in their skin. Also, if you guys were lookin for other forms of gay culture to react to, Superfruit, composed of two Pentatonix members, was really big with their album last year: Future Friends. Love you two!!

  5. I love you and your channel so much! Watching your videos always gives me a little more courage to be myself! Hugs from Maryland!

  6. Please! Do the reaction of the movie doukyuusei classma, I love that movie is temoving and fun at the same time!
    Ps.I love you!!!♡♡♡

  7. Please react to the Alec and Magnus couple from the Shadowhunters series. And react to Neverland MV (music video) by Holland the first gay kpop idol ! Kiss from France <3

  8. I was one of the people to request this video. I watched it with the LGBT group at my college, and it hit me and so many so hard. I'm glad you liked it.

  9. You need to react to the short film called keeping love a secret can't remember the man's name but it's in YouTube

  10. I was surprised on how it took a darker turn too but I think that both of your interpretations are correct and I understand on how you both (and other LGBTQ people) can relate to it, giving this film a lot of depth even with its shortness. And I love going to aquariums 😀

  11. So happy that you reacted to this, the creator of this short has others that are amazing too, though they are not lgtb related. I recommend the one called Mister Carefree butterfly, it has a great life lesson.

  12. I can relate to this video a lot because I am bisexual and I had a lesbian girl friend who was my best friend before I asked her out. I was out of the closet but she wasn't out yet. I did show her affection in public like just giving her a kiss on the cheek. She liked ut but she told me I couldn't do that in public. We kept it all a secret untill someone found out so we had to break up so her parents wouldn't find out. Now were not as close as we were when we were best friends… I miss get a lot even though it has been 2 months since we broke up…

  13. Good afternoon, guys! I'm so glad I waited to watch this. You're right, there is an important message in here, that it is important to move at your own pace, but always be aware of how that affects those you love and those who love you.
    Great job. Thank you! 💝 💝

  14. Hope you'll do "Freak Show" next. It's the one with Bette Midler about an openly gay boy who's not afraid to do drag in high school.Very good one. Thanks for this reaction. I've seen this one before & liked it.

  15. Hello again, Bryan and Pascal. I have a couple of suggestions for a film reaction. They're both gay horror shorts, approx. 15mins long each. I don't know if that's too long for you to tape. They're "Nightshadows" from 2004, and more recently, "PYOTR495" which is subtitled.

  16. Bonjour Bryan and Pascal, nice reaction. I'd say there's a difference in being shy to show public affection, and not showing affection in public because a couple are gay males. The former is relatable to most, the latter is unique to LGBTQ+ persons because of possible bigoted abuse. But, at the same time, hiding one's true self provides a victory to those who would have us stay in the closet.

  17. I love you guys and If you want you can do reaction to "The Apple Tree" Its really good gay short film😍

  18. Hey u two are my fav gay YouTubers and I first found your channel from the dirty paws reaction video and I’m coming out to my parents that I’m gay on Tuesday (which is my birthday) and also I hope the both of u are happy and love the both of u!

  19. Thank you for all your great videos! You deserve all the support you get so much. For me it's always just beautiful to see how normal and harmonic your relationship is, it gives me hope that someday it is going to be normal to love who ever we want. It makes me happy to see the slow changes in the world during the last year's and even if it's maybe never going to be easy, maybe it's at least getting easier with every little step. Thank you for everything you're doing for us!

  20. If you haven't seen it, you should check out "All the little things" by Panti Bliss who did a Tedx Dublin talk about all the small everyday things that gay people deal with & that have such a huge impact on our lives. It's quite humorous AND insightful!

  21. Boys I'll keep suggesting because i feel like you'll love this! Please react to Magnus and alec from the show shadowhunters! They are amazing and the actors are so skilled and amazing, they even won a glaad award and they are nominated this year again! So pretty plz can you guys react to them??😊 amazing video as always 💋

  22. Hey. Even though it's not a gay animation, you guys should react to shelter by porter Robinson and madeon. It's a really good video, and I think you guys would like it!

  23. Brings back a memory of my best friend refusing to hold his boyfriend's hand in public, walking down Castro Street in San Francisco, no less. My friend had an extremely hard time dealing with any public display, even though he was generally 'out,' while his boyfriend was very relaxed about public appearances and had a hard time adjusting to what he felt was rejection. I spent the entire trip wishing I had a baseball empire's pad and mask…..

  24. I love you guys so much! You both give me hope that one day I will be comfortable in public if I find someone. You both give me so much hope. That you!!!!

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