Stickers threatening violence against gay people have popped up in Attleboro, Massachusetts, a small town about 30 miles South of Boston.

Police have scraped them down and are searching for the perpetrator, or perpetrators, and Mayor Paul Heroux told NBC 10 News the homophobic action “doesn’t reflect who we are or our values.”

“Touch me, homo, and I’ll kill you,” the stickers read.

“This is not characteristic of Attleboro at all,” he said. “The (police) chief contacted me first thing Sunday morning and the police took them down immediately.”

Police are checking nearby surveillance cameras to see if they captured an image of the person or persons responsible, who will likely face vandalism charges if caught.

“You never know how far a silly little sticker is going to go,” local Kevin Bighinatti told WBZ 4. “I think you should take it serious.”

“I saw them about a couple days ago and I just think it’s wrong. It’s very disrespectful,” Meghan Hussey, another local, said.


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