Coming to Blu-Ray 11/1! Candy-colored, hilariously raunchy and outrageously un-PC sex comedy about four high school graduates’ mission to lose their anal virginity, any way they can is coming to home video!

Let’s meet the targets of affection: You have studly jock Jarod (Jonathan Chase), who thinks he’s “top” but we all know better; nerdy Griff (Mitch Morris), who secretly harbors a crush on Jarod while obsessing about his butt or lack thereof; Nico (Jonah Blechman), the flamboyant cinema geek who is aiming to find a “Daddy” to break him in and, finally, the seemingly innocent Andy, who finds that a quiche may become his best friend (American Pie, anyone?). Guided by their “chick magnet” lesbian gal pal Muffler, they’re bent on doing the “Big A” by the end of the summer. And will try anyone and, in some cases, anything to lose it.

Todd Stephens (writer/producer of Edge of Seventeen, writer/director/producer of Gypsy ’83) breaks new ground in queer cinema by taking the straight teen comedy and reinventing it as a lavender extravaganza that features a who’s who of gay celebrities like Lypsinka (doing her best Mommie Dearest); Graham Norton as Mr. Puckov, their prodigiously endowed, anything-goes exchange teacher; Scott Thompson as Andy’s uncomfortably accepting father with a secret of his own; Darryl Stephens (“Noah’s Arc”) as a sexed up aerobics instructor and Matthew Rush, who “rises” to the occasion as a date gone bad. As if that isn’t enough, even a cameo from Richard Hatch (“Survivor”) literally shows he has balls. Mix in assorted garden vegetables, a butt plug about the size of a Hummer, furry gerbils prone to roam, penis pumps from hell, six-inch nipples, long-tongued lesbians and a few dozen enemas and you have a film that will definitely give the Right Wing coronaries en masse, and why not?

With 100 jokes a minute and a delicious looking cast, Another Gay Movie is a 100% gay, in-your-face spoof that will have you giggling with glee and gasping from the uncensored outrageousness.

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  1. i remember watching this as an innocent, young lad and not understanding any of the jokes/ referenced.

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