American David Taylor’s biggest victory went unnoticed
World Cup 2017: David Taylor (USA) vs Sharif Sharifov (AZE)
Taylor was playing first big international event for USA
He was up against Olympic champion Sharif Sharifov
Sharifov was tipped to win this battle
But Taylor proved everyone wrong by winning 12-2
In 2018 Taylor won the world championships Gold
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  1. 6:22 Taylor is a scoring machine. His matches are so fun to watch because you know you'll see action. I prefer his matches over watching Burroughs or Dake wrestle. Both of them are truly awesome but I still prefer Taylor.

  2. Taylor’s awareness of where every inch of him and the other wrestler is spooky. He pulls out the craziest stuff. There are times, when almost any other wrestler would give up the point/s, and he somehow comes out on top. I imagine, that he is a super intelligent guy.

  3. Awesome job ,!!! Many years of hard work paid off. Never give up mentality,! Always ben a big fan and excited for David to complete his dream, go D T!!!

  4. This is just not right. D Taylor should be all over the web. Congrat's Brah on a stellar performance. The USA press should hang their head in shame for not putting this all over the place. Shame on them.

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