For the first time ever on Superstar Ink, a Superstar gets a tattoo! Join Corey Graves and AJ Styles at Hope Gallery Tattoo in New Haven, Connecticut to see “The Phenomenal One” get inked up.

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  1. A.J always talks about being a Christian, but if he really was one, then why doesn't he know the Verses, where it says, we are not to cut, pierce or tatoo our bodies??? Our Body ist not our own and one day we have to give it back to God. by the way, everything from a tatoo, a piercing or cutting Your flesh is always a blood scrifice für the devil, no matter what You tatoo on Your flesh.

  2. Corey Graves said that AJ Styles is first person to get tattooed on live TV that's because he makes records Graves

  3. I wish CM Punk never left WWE just imagine AJ Styles vs CM Punk. Please comment your predictions on who you think would win said match.

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