I’m sorry this takes forever to come out TwT

Anyway to make it clear, since the rumors Abby spread isn’t stopping, Lucas & Antonio is bassicaly now dating openly..

They didn’t get much straightforward hate, but who knows about hate in the back

And sorry if there is some spelling mistakes/bad grammar

Musics :

One Call Away (Nightcore) – Charlie Puth
(This was supposed to be piana-pella version, but i put the wrong music)

Treat You Better (Piano Cover) – Shawn Mendes

One Thing (Piano Cover) – One Direction

Baby, I Love You (Piano Cover) – Tiffany Alvord


  1. This is the first gacha life gay love story that made me think and the title “ain’t a lie” it’s bc of the end the rumors they are together “ain’t a lie” I LOVED IT GIMME A PART 2 PLS ILL DO EVERYTHING

  2. dude I love how the cousin is good and bad at the same time. like here: 13:09 I showed my sister and asked what she thought and she said " in the cousins eyes she is helping her cousin cuz she nice af but in the he thinks she's bUlLiNg him cuz she showing pics of them have s- never mind O////O" -my sister 2019

  3. i'm sorry but……………… Can Antonio die


    One day the legends say he broke my ass :O

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