Drag queen Ada Vox was eliminated from American Idol last night, but Jurnee, the show’s out lesbian contestant, made it through to the Top 7.

Vox impressed the judges, who moved her through to the Top 10, even though she didn’t have enough votes.

ABC/Eric McCandless

The San Antonio native, born Adam Sanders, still has big plans for the future.

“I would really like to go on a Pride tour, just to keep myself fresh and to keep myself in the community, representing on both stages immediately after the show’s over,” she told NewNowNext. “I would also love to have a mainstream music career…I want to be a queen you hear on your everyday radio station. And I want to travel the world and fill arenas. I want to be a real global superstar and make the biggest move any drag queen has ever made.”

Her performance of “Circle of Life” from The Lion King last night showed off her incredible vocal range and artistry.


“I remember your very first audition,” Perry told Vox. “You came in, you dropped the mic then, you keep dropping the mic now. But we did talk about making sure that it wasn’t a shtick, that it was really authentic, and tonight I feel like you really embodied Ada Vox.”

Jurnee was also passed through to the Top 10 after failing to garner enough votes. She’s addressed negative attention contestants have received on social media, for “our skin color, or how we’re doing our hair, or our sexuality.”

“[People] see this one specific kind of cookie-cutter image of a person, and are unwilling to move [it],” she told the Advocate. “Because it’s what they’re comfortable with, it’s what they’ve been trained to be used to.”

Still, the 18-year-old is confident she could be the first out American Idol.

“I think I could win it. I think I’m at the point where I still believe in myself, that I still think that I could win it.”

ABC/Eric McCandless

Her performance of “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana was a return to form after a shaky Top 10 performance.


“You seem very connected,” Perry told Jurnee. “And you seem vulnerable, which is also a strength.”

Richie also noted that she had more stage presence on Sunday night than in previous performances, and that she seemed to be singing “from your heart, not your head.”

“I was, thank you,” Jurnee said.

“And I’m telling you, just keep it up,” he advised.

The other contestants who advanced are Maddie Poppe, Gabby Barrett, Catie Turner, Cade Foehner, Michael J. Woodard, and Caleb Lee Hutchinson. In addition to Vox, Michelle Sussett and Dennis Lorenzo were also eliminated.

The Top 7 episode airs Sunday, May 6, at 8/7c on ABC.

Jeff Taylor is a North Carolina-based journalist who writes for LGBTQ Nation, Q Notes and other outlets.