Saw the movie for the first time in years recently and had to post the montage again!

Happy holidays to all of you!

In diesem Sinne


  1. i have to say that i didn't think that the acting was the best that it could have been in this film when i first started watching it, i kind of thought that Steve Sandvoss's (Aaron Davis) acting was a little wooden but then as the movie went on i changed my mind to seeing him as playing "Aaron" as an awkward and naive character and that he did it so well that he came across as a little "stiff" and hence "wooden". in the end i absolutely love this movie and have watched it a couple more times since !

  2. That part when they dressed up as Mormons,knocked a guys door and a fucking sexy dude comes out Was my favorite part haha.

  3. I.M.H.O one of  the " best ….est" gay- themed movie , with " Shelter". God , save the happy ending for the new ones!

  4. Loved this movie so much and it’s a shame it doesn’t get as much recognition as it should. One of my favorite lines is in this movie “ I’m going to hell anyway I might as well take the scenic route”.

  5. For many many years this was my favorite movie as I was able to relate. I also was a gay Mormon missionary who was excommunicated and endured the church's program to change me. I also just ended up leaving it.

    Probably still in my top 5 though.

  6. It was one of my first LGBT films that I saw and I will never forget it. It's hard not to feel identified with Aaron or at least in my case that's the way it was, in addition to the fact that actor Steve Sandvoss seemed very handsome to me. The sex scene was so sweet and graphic, without reaching pornography and it is undoubtedly one of the best sex scenes in history. This film teaches you many values ​​and morals and in a way they want to tell you that God does not hate homosexuals and that at some point (especially if you decide) you can become happy with people who really love you. In conclusion it is one of the most recommended LGBT films and also one of the best romantic films recommended in general, especially at Christmas.
    P.S: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!

  7. Fue una de mis primeras películas LGBT que vi y nunca la voy a olvidar. Es difícil no sentirse identificado con Aaron o al menos en mi caso así fue, además de que el actor Steve Sandvoss me parecía muy guapo. La escena del sexo fue tan dulce y gráfica, sin llegar a lo pornográfico y sin duda es una de las mejores escenas de sexo de la historia. Esta película te enseña muchos valores y moralejas y en cierto modo te quieren decir que Dios no odia a los homosexuales y que en algún momento (en especial si tu lo decides) puedes llegar a ser feliz con la gente que de verdad te ama. En conclusión es una de las película LGBT más recomendadas y también una de los mejores filmes románticos recomendados en general, en especial en Navidad.
    P.D:¡¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!!

  8. what movie is this? is it sad ending? i dont want to watch it if It's sad ending. i have enough with gay sad ending.

  9. Yeah one of the best lgbt movies out there. Hadn t notice the almost 100% nudity there though, nice capture of that moment 😉

  10. Oh my God. I loved this movie. Latter Days was a Great movie. Steve Sandvoss should have become a star. But I understand he quit acting. What a waste. He was talented and absolute GORGEOUS. And Wes Ramsey also delivered a terrific performance. But at least he's still acting.

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