A contestant on The Voice Australia proposed to his boyfriend on the air this weekend, less than six months after marriage equality became a reality in the country.

After singer Nathan Brake killed it with a cover of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” he revealed he wasn’t done bringing down the house just yet. Brake’s cover was so impressive that Nick’s bother, Joe, fought with fellow judges Kelly Rowland and Delta Goodrem to get him to join their teams. But before he made his choice he announced he’d “also made another decision.”

Brake then asked for his partner, Mitchell Baines, to join him onstage.

“I just wanted to bring you out here, because we’ve had a beautiful six years together,” he began, prompting screams and applause from the judges and the crowd.

“You’ve been a constant support for me over these past six years. So, I just wanted to ask you,” he continued, dropping to one knee and pulling a ring out. “Will you marry me?”

Baines said yes and the newly engaged couple kissed before they were met onstage by the judges, who offered their congratulations.

“The Voice”/Facebook

“That was beautiful,” declared Boy George. “I love an unexpected proposal.”

Rowland promised to sing “When Love Takes Over” at the couple’s wedding, regardless of whose team he choose to be on.

“Are you serious?” Brake asked.

“I’m very serious,” she said.

In the end, he went with Goodrem.

“I have grown up loving Delta,” Brake told Australia’s Today show. “She has that career that myself and other contestants on the show really, really strive for… So it was a no-brainer.”

He also admitted the whole proposal was “a blur.”

“In that moment, you have no recollection of exactly how you did, so getting to watch it back, I was really happy,” he said.

Calling the proposal “exciting and unexpected,” Baines shared that it was amazing to share the experience “with all of Australia.”

“I don’t know if you could tell, but I was pretty shocked,” he added.

Jeff Taylor is a North Carolina-based journalist who writes for LGBTQ Nation, Q Notes and other outlets.