The young upstart John Cena accepts Kurt Angle’s open challenge to anyone he’s never competed against.

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  1. Underrated match in my opinion. Has exactly what Savage vs Steamboat had in terms of hooking the crowd and telling a story. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Savage/Steamboat wasn't their blueprint. It legitimately looked like Cena desperately trying to beat Kurt Angle, and Kurt Angle desperately trying not to lose. Listen to the crowd after a couple of those false finishes. That's suspension of disbelief. That's what is missing now.

  2. Damn, I remember this match. I remember thinking who the hell is this guy? Lol then that Halloween episode he went to a costume party and freestyled on the show. It was all downhill from there

  3. The people who were watching this didn't knew that they were watching WWE's future.. The man carried wwe on his back for 16 years and won 16 championships and he still do this sometimes… respect for him…. 👍

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