97 KG J.D. Bergman USA vs Reza Yazdani Iran – 2014 World Cup


  1. Iran is not that good at wrestling.
    Russia with 167 olympic medals and USA with 125 Olympic medals are 10 times better then Iran with only 38 Olympic medals.
    There is Japan with 62 Olympic medals, Turkey 58 Olympic medals Sweden 84 all are a lot better then Iran with only 38 medals.

  2. lol they cut out the very end where the american was a salty loser and didnt wnat to give a decent handshake. what a pathetic bitch. you suck, you lose. that's life.Β 

  3. I think almost what's more impressive than the wrestling of Iran is the fanfare. Iran loves their wrestlers and weightlifters and show their support all the time! It's a shame it's not the same way in the USA. It's big here, but nowhere near the Iran scale. Those fans are crazy! πŸ™‚

  4. J. D. Bergman is a very good wrestler. It doesn't matter what, we Iranians appreciate and admire a good wrestler even if he is an opponent from the opposing team.

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