Every wrestler have some friends and some enemies. Cm Punk is a former professional wrestler. There are 8 wrestlers who love Cm Punk and 7 who hate him. Friends of CM Punk love and his enemies hate him. Hopefully all his enemies can let all the hatred and animosity go. For him to come back, that’s the only thanks to do it, they need to place their egos aside. 8 Wrestlers Who Love CM Punk And 7 Who Hate Him

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  1. I think obviously the doc hates him. When you're college educated for some reason you have an idea in your head that no one can be more knowledgeable than you. And yeah, i don't think i need to go to a doctor to diagnose a problem. If i have a broken bone, i'll know way before a doctor will.

  2. Punk doesnt hate Taker and for sure doesnt love the guy that fired him in is wedding day…i think whoever made this video really isnt old enough to watch Wrestling

  3. Lol so based on a kayfabe storyline and the fact the pink would have been jealous of miz's spot on the wrestlemania card(which isnt a choice the miz made himself lol) that cm punk has real life heat with him and hates him? Lol yeah this video was definitely made by an 11 year old or a 35 year old still living at moms.

  4. To think Punk would not have gotten to where he was if not for Jeff Hardy. Yes. Jeff may have been on drugs when he said "I made cmpunk a motherfucking superstar" but boy was he right

  5. sO vince and punk are okay? I think they were because you know vince if he can make a lot of money from you you're gonna be his new bestfriend… so it was because of triple H that's why he left and I also think triple h is the one who fired him on his wedding day…

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