Help me reach 300,000 subs: 8 Myths – Dating Guys with Tattoos
Eight popular myths girls think about when dating a guy with tattoos. Thanks to Romeo Lacoste for being in this! Check out the video we did on his channel here:

Thanks to Alan Loayza for shooting and directing this!
And thanks to Pimplywimp for editing!
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  1. Not a bunch of myths ….you just dating millenials and 90s boys….Most men left that are redblooded guilty of those attributes are in their forties now, very few young males today are legit, some but few. Hardly any new men are even manly

  2. Covering yourself in ink and getting pierced is for insecure, self-desructive, neurotics, WHO AREN"T COMFORTABLE IN THEIR OWN SKIN.

  3. I know this was just for fun… But half of this stuff is inaccurate.
    1. I love talking about my ink (but I try not to brag, if I do, slap me :p)
    2. I like loud music (only in the right moment)
    3. Piercings are cool! I got no tongue ring though :p
    4. Doing a tattop on a girl whom im on a date with? maybe… Depends what she wants, and if she can handle the pain :p

  4. But Romeo did ride a motorcycle, and have piercings πŸ˜‚ I ant imagine him being rough, he's such a squishball

  5. I have a serious fear of needles but tons of tattoos. For me, i only get freaked out when its like a syringe. Phobias are weird like that.

  6. Girls, if you feel the urge to ask a guy what he drives, please do go through with it: you'll give him a very strong hint about where your values are placed.

  7. i discovered you on barely productions doing iggy azalea on the 'problem' video. you caused coffee to come out of a nostril, thank you. i've been watching all your videos (my foot's broken so i have some free time), and you are hilarious and adorable. keep making vids please. thanks for your attentions, i am unworthy.

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