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No film is perfect, due in large part to the fact that they are made by imperfect beings. By which I mean, humans. No matter how long a studio has been around, there are bound to be mistakes in their movies. Even Disney isn’t immune to this problem.

To prove my point, here are 5 Mistakes in Classic Disney films you may have missed.


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  1. With beauty and the beast it was my understanding that when he was cursed time was frozen for him and all in the castle. That's why chip stayed a little boy

  2. No the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland doesn't change color, he's turned on his side as you can see from the way his legs are pointed so his underbelly is still light blue and his upper body is still dark blue.

  3. My mom use to tell me the enchantress was going with rebirth when she said his twenty first birthday. As in twenty one years from when she turned the prince into a beast.
    I forgot this till they did the live action movie. The prince as a snot nosed teenager who had every thing he wanted till the enchantress said "NO SOUP FOR YOU".

  4. Me nitpicking, but I think Hades didn't check because in Geek mythology gods go into oblivion when the die, no afterlife, no nothing…🤔 but then they had to turn Herc mortal and that should have sent him to Hades…maybe? But Zeus knew his son was mortal, so he could have intervened…but then shouldn't have Zeus known Hades…never mind, im going into a rabbit hole! Lol

  5. Didnt miss a couple of these but for the ripped undies. For some reason, that "small" ripped piece ends up getting bigger when the Sultan rips a part of it outta Raja's mouth.

  6. The caterpillar is just lying down in a weird way, but if you look at his feet they're moved to the side making the colors move. so he is still the same color and it's not flip-flopped at all.

  7. If I remember correctly in the written version of B & T B it says the painting is to "age" with him to show how handsome he would be instead of how grotesque he currently is. Therefore he rips it up.

  8. Why do Americans over stress the "shire" on the end of English county names??? Cheshire is ONE word, pronounced, Cheshur, NOT chesh – SHIRE. Other examples include, Yorkshur(Yorkshire), Hampshur(Hampshire), Shropshur(Shropshire), Lancashur(Lancashire). There are no Hobbits living in these "Shires".

  9. There's one continuity error in Hunchback that I always notice. When Frollo does the alphabet with Quasimodo there is a shot of Frollo taking a drink from his goblet that is between two shots of Quasimodo saying the E and F words, and in both shots of Quasi, the goblet is on the table.

  10. 1:30 sorry sir if you didn't know but the witch cursed the painting so as he as a beast grew up, the portrait grew with him showing how he would look at the moment

  11. The caterpillar mistake was flop flipped itself. The colours did change but they were flip flopped into the right style. Not into the wrong style.

  12. I'm assuming the Aladdin one was intentional because they wanted the gag with the torn underwear in Rajah's mouth but obviously couldn't show bare ass in a children's movie.

  13. 4:41 actually it was a change in post production i bet. Since you can see his ass crack it was most likely they went first with a bare ass then changed their minds and drew hearts and coloured it pink.

  14. Ches-ire cat? Sorry to disappoint you, but look up the proper pronounciaton. I live in Cheshire, and I have heard NO-ONE ever say it like that

  15. My guess is the reason Hades didn't check to see if Hercules was actually dead was due to overconfidence. He figured so long as the kid was mortal he was in the clear.

  16. The painting was made to predict what the prince would look like when older. It's quite commonly done for royal families. I'm not trying to be smart/rude, I just wanted to say this to give a bit of an explanation.

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