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  1. I think very beautiful and most difficult acting of her carrier …kalki keep it up darling very very impressive

  2. Maa ki chut hatt Bhosadi ke LGBT ek dhabba hain India ke naam peh. This LGBT Bullshit is a disgrace to India and its name

  3. I would be so proud of India when it accepts LGBTQ+ one day. They’re just like us.

  4. I think having d least likes in this video compared to other videos by you again proved it dat Indian audience is sooooo fucking homophobic. Sheesh

  5. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! now that is my list right there :)))) Also i have a huge question regarding the movie LOEV.


    If anyone could explain to me what exactly was the nature of the relationship between Sahil and Jai, was Jai leading a closeted double life back in America? who was he talking to on the phone in the middle of the night they spent in lonavala? Sahil mentions Alex is his boyfriend, a fact Jai is aware of so what in the world were they pursuing, why the hell was Alex so complacent towards Jai. it surely wasn't a polgamous relationship so what in the world was going on??? so bloody confused!!! Please someone shed light on this, i'd appreciate it :))

  6. Wtf Fawad Khan was gay in the movie Kapoor and sons I don't believe this i never understood while watching this film so many times.But how is this possible he had a girlfriend in the movie that's why her mom was upset?

  7. OMG….Wow……you could make video on such TABOO subject…..brave….You are OSM…..Video is great…..keep it up brother….I like you…I think you can direct a movie…..Love you brother

  8. Beautiful video! Hats off to you! I just felt the urge to point out two things, one major and one minor. The major thing: Kalki's character in 'Margarita with a Straw' has been portrayed as bisexual and not essentially gay. The minor thing is that Kalki's surname is pronounced as 'Kekla' and not 'Koklin'. Here's a video link which emphasizes on the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K-rIqh3Fjo

  9. Gay & Lesbian are mental illnesses. I do agree such people need love, care & acceptance, but they also need proper treatment to get normal

  10. Always wanted to see the face behind these amazing videos and I must say I’m not disappointed ☺️

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