In this vid u will find the 25 hottest guys on Earth! (in my opinion) Here it?s the list! 1. Zac Efron 2. Alex Pettyfer 3. Rodrigo Guirao Diaz 4. Chace Crawford 5. Ian Somerhalder 6. Jeremy Sumpter 7. Jared Padalecki 8. Jared Leto 9. Drake Bell 10. Alfonso Herrera 11. Jesse McCartney 12. Adam Brody 13. Orlando Bloom 14. Penn Bagley 15. Brandon Flowers 16. Billie Joe Armstrong 17. Gerard Way 18. Nick Jonas 19. Shia Le Bouf 20. Jesse Spencer 21. Justin Chambers 22. Jesen Ackles 23. Dominic Monaghan 24. Cody Linley 25. Nat Wolf


  1. Some are hot and all…but this creeps me out a bit…that first kid is like…a kid…then you have people like Billie Joe, who is nearly 40, I don't know, just weird to see old people and kids together being liked by the same person

  2. wooo! you 4-got a few hot guys!!
    Like where is:
    Ed westwick and Channing tatum,stephen colletie , chris brown, sean faris,Milo Ventimiglia, james marsden, Wentworth Miller, justin timberlake,Tom Welling,Hayden Christensen etc etc they are so many more to mention that you 4got,and if you have put alfonso herera you could have put Christopher Uckermann 2, he is way hotter than alfonso. anyways nice work ;] i like zac efron 2

  3. how izz jensen ackles 22!!! hes H-O-T HOT!!!!!nick jonas soooo is not 18…gerard is not hot[[at all]]…jesse mccarntey is a number 1!!! jared padalecki does not beat jensen…and how izz zac efron #1!?!?!? he is gay as hell!!!! no offense ….this is just my opinion…

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