Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. David Taylor (Penn State)

Kid Dynamite def. The Magic Man 5-4

Dake becomes the first wrestler in the history of collegiate wrestling to win four national titles in four different weight classes.


  1. Bout damn time the stall calls were made, for crying out loud. David Taylor was standing for half of the riding time, and mat returns almost always went out

  2. What impresses  me about those two guys is that neither one looks like a physical "freak."  In other words, it's basically all technique here.  That is especially true of David Taylor who has never looked to be incredibly strong.  

    On a side note, I have watched a couple of matches of David Taylor and it's quite strange.  While all the matches I have watched were against top quality guys(Palmer, Jenkins, Dake), he's never really looked dominant.  I personally view someone as dominant if he can regularly get a take down when he needs it.  Taylor seems to surprise his opponents and he is of course a great scrambler. I must say again that the matches I saw were against guys who were better at the time or just more talented than him(Dake, Palmer).

  3. two bad stall calls,first that was an aggresive ride,second you can't call him for stalling when he sprawls to defend a shot

  4. man i would have cried if i had to beat my best friend for a championship and i definitely wouldn't have let him leave i would celebrate with Taylor

  5. I went to state, won my first match, lost my second. This is my first year 145 weight class, and I'm going to camps now, and hopefully I can get better, and this is definitely the hardest sport I've played (football, soccer, baseball, basketball). And I thought this sport wasn't gonna be fun but haha it sure does feel good to go to state 🙂

  6. I enjoyed the wrestling, but the SCORE  BOARD on the bottom left interfered with the enjoyment of the match.  Too bad guys!! 

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