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  1. 3:58. Girl Push up. Do the exercise properly. Strength coach needs to have fewer exercises done right and not more exercises done. The Power Clean is overrated and not optimal for Wrestlers, IMO.

  2. Unless you're planning to make it a career or just really want to do it, personally I would advise against using olympic lifts to build explosive power as you would need to perfect every little detail to get the most out of the movement which can take years.

  3. Everyone says wrestling is gay, I strongly disagree I am a 125-130 weight class wrestler wrestling not only takes physical strength but mental strength you can't give up or you lose wrestling made me strong in both aspects and now I'm going onto my 2nd year I've been waiting since last season to start again this year great things are coming my season starts on the 23d so yes THE SEASON HAS ARRIVED thank you wrestling and thank you Minnesota even though I'm in Michigan you guys set a standard for everyone

  4. I am a wrestler and i think that wrestling is the best thing my parents and I did because now I'm a whole new person.For the better

  5. In high school I thought football was a mans sport, but sophomore year I decided to join wrestling I promise anyone here who doubts wrestling will soon find out the best athletes are wrestlers even for big men like myself. If it wasn't for wrestling I wouldn't be as a good as a football player, as good of an athlete not as great as a man I've become from it. It definitely wasn't as easy as football (mostly because my school was 20th in the state of California) but football is a breeze and I encourage everyone to consider it.

  6. Why is it that American wrestlers train hard for domestic circuit, but cant really show their best at the olympics?

  7. I'll always watch this video if I'm lacking mental determination! watching this video alone restores a relentless will.

  8. My story is I wrestled in 8th grade. It was the first sport I joined. I was happy to be a wrestler.I learned so much.I loss many times. I didn't cry. I just went to wrestling practice. I didn't get better, but I didn't quit. They were stronger than me. I was 145 pounds. 5feet 8 inches. My best match was against this white boy. He was good. He looked like a short Brock Lesnar. That was the best day of my life. I had fun wrestling. Now I just watch pro – wrestling. College wrestling is on cable in Florida. I miss the wrestling team. Head and arm, single leg take down, and the double leg is all I know.

  9. Can anybody tell me, what's name of second song at background? Thanks .
    BTW. I'm wrestler too, and I know, how hard we must train to win! 🙂

  10. In my opinion wrestling and martial arts as a whole are by far the best sports out there. Takes so much courage, and will power to compete in these sports and come out successful.

  11. this was amazing, I just recently made my school wrestling video. and they do not compare. I ADMIRE the directors choice of angles and the editors effects. this is bad ass. GREAT JOB

  12. Almost finished with my first season as a junior in high school (Late, I know). And boy can I say that this is the hardest sport I played. Football conditioning may be worse, but wrestling practices and matches are a million times harder. Trying to lift and move someone your weight, who's fighting you back, while going as hard and fast as you can is one of the hardest things ever. But My coaches are awesome and chill, I'm on an awesome team with good friends, and I'm learning valuable skills for fighting.

    Also, I love getting the most out of my weight – cutting down as much body fat as possible and gaining as much muscle as possible while still staying in my class. I love stepping on the scale to see that I've dropped a few more pounds, or that my arms look more toned.

    My only regret about wrestling is that I didn't do it sooner

  13. God speed, boys. My time is long gone, but I always enjoy seeing young new faces keeping the sport alive.

  14. Wrestling is the only sport that has the unique beauty that makes you love the sport. Every fckn day even though im tired af its like i still wanna wrestle, because i feel i achieve something in my life when i wrestle.

  15. Inspiring!
    Finding those who inspire are few and far between, but that what makes them so special when you find those people, and the hardships they have gone through and the characters that has built are what make them shine above the rest, like the brightest stars compared to the others, they stand out and catch the eye.

  16. That was a kick ass video. I have wrestling practice tomorrow, I am in the 285lbs category. but I only weigh 205lbs… wish me luck, we have another match next week Friday at my high school.

  17. A freshman this year after his first practice telling me "I joined because I wanted to help get ready for next football season thinks this would be no problem, but I think football barely even prepared me for this grind, holy shit." I was dying

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