“Passions” and “Days Of Our Lives” star Eric Martsolf hops into the shower! And we make another episode of “2 Hot Guys in the Shower!”

If you’re curious about something (preferably, something about living in Hollywood, trying to make a career as an actor, making movies, etc.), please email a question to

****NOTE: So we know it’s for the show, use the format:
“Dear 2 Hot Guys in the Shower,
Blah blah blabity blah, here’s my question.
Signed, Curious in (wherever you live)”

This is inspired by one of our favorite series on youtube, “2 Hot Girls in a Shower.”

Thanks for watching!


  1. Perhaps you should make a short vid on your old channel telling people about this channel. I only noticed it by accident because I wondered why I didn't see a vid of yours in months! Only just now did I find out you moved to a diff channel, inform your fans! And god you are lucky to be in the shower with him 😛 Talking about the person of the left of the screen… Person on the right of the vid is way to hot for me to even dare approach….

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