194: Eardrum about to ‘EXPLODE’ after Blocked Ear Wax Removal using Endoscopic Ear Microsuction

The client attended with extremely impacted blocked ear wax in his right ear. There was also olfactory evidence of an ear infection prior to performing endoscopic ear microsuction.

I had to use a jobson horne to lift the ear wax away from the ear canal wall since it had embedded. When doing so, dry skin was also removed. I then reverted to E-suction (Endoscopic Ear Suction) to remove the deep laying ear wax.

After the ear wax was removed, there was some infected debris/dead skin present in the anterior recess, which I suctioned using a Fine End. In addition, I peeled a thin layer of dead skin of the clients bulging eardrum.

The client was suffering from suspected acute otitis media with effusion (Glue Ear). The viscous fluid was causing the eardrum to bulge outwards in dramatic fashion.The bulge can be seen to ‘wobble’ when I delicately lifted the dead skin off of it. Below the bulge, the yellow fluid (effusion) can be visible and seen to move also.

I referred the client to visit his GP or ENT specialist as it appears the eardrum could burst and pop at any time.

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