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  1. A real achievement in Korean movie making, let alone BL film. A school from hell where violence is the norm, teachers are bastards (the word is said over a hundred times), dysfunctional families and evil students. It reminded me a little of Chinese BL series "Addicted " but on a vaster scale. How the two guys (one in love since adolescence – the other in complete self-denial) manage to fashion even a semblance of a valedictory bond at the end is astonishing. Yet this is the gritty reality they have to face and live through. The acting is superbly naturalistic and helps to make the storyline both believable and compelling. I have only one complaint, that the lighting is too dim and grainy. However, you really must stick with it, even the extreme violent outburst at the end cannot detract from the quality of this very fine movie. Highly recommended

  2. I don't understand why they let people bully them…. If that's me… Even if I'm outnumbered.. I'll try to at least hit one of them… People bully you if you just keep quite and let them…

  3. So this story is actually like👌🏽👌🏽✨💫😍bit uuuuum…he was basically a school shooter without a gun and has to do 5 months….!!!!!!FIVE MONTHS IM GOING TO KOREA

  4. One thing I liked about this movie is that the locations are not the touristy sites of Korea.
    And, all my wishes to visit Korea vanished after I watched this poignant study on gay bullying and bashing…

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