Here are 17 perfectly timed sports photos! These funny pictures were taken at exactly the right moment. From gymnastics fails to funny athletes, we present to you a compilation of photos you really need to look at to understand.

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Here are 17 sports photos taken at exactly the right moment! Who ever knew jocks could make themselves look so dumb?

I know this video is about perfectly timed sports photos & I definitely don’t consider bullfighting a sport ‘cause what sport involves killing an animal? But I will make an exception for THIS picture because it does the bulls justice…& his balls.

What gives me even more pleasure than a matador taking a horn in the balls is a matador taking a horn trough the mouth. DAMN, this guy got it good! Bulls: 2, Matadors: 0

Wrestling: one of the manliest sports out there…although I do admit that it is borderline gay at times. And here’s a perfect example!

Speaking of gay, what the hell is going on here?

Herro! Yao Ming looks just as freaked out as I am! But on a weird note, the guy doing the licking seems a little bit too happy.

Wow, what more is there to say about this picture besides that it’s perfectly timed & taken from a VERY nice angle.

And can you imagine how horrible this angle is for the dude on the right?

Someone tell this guy you’re supposed to jump over these things instead of trying to limbo dance underneath them!

I know this isn’t a sports photo, but I figured you guys might enjoy seeing it nonetheless…& plus, an argument can be made that she’s dancing? for which another argument can be made that dancing is a sport? Whatever, she still looks good regardless.

I thought British people were supposed to be good at soccer!!! Classic example of Brits doing it all kinds of wrong.

And the dirty French don’t seem to be doing it any better!

As we’re slowly discovering in this video, the manliest of sports always seem to be turning into the gayest!

Jelena Jankovic almost looks too apologetic here. But trust me girl, no one’s mad at all!

Normally women get excited by wood, but not this type!

Nice face, nice boobs, nice ass! But you know what…I think I’ll pass. How she still managed to put on a smile after shitting her pants, I have no idea.

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Finally, here’s a perfectly timed picture demonstrating the proper tennis swing: perfect forehand, good timing, nice posture, equal balance, and errrr……BOOBS!!!

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