Oil wrestling is the hottest sport in Turkey. 

In the United States, two lubed men mounting each other in a park would probably be perceived as gay. That’s not the case in some other countries. In Turkey, for example, muscular men often lube up and grapple in the grass while thrusting their hands inside their partner’s leather trousers.

Although to the untrained eye it may look like a gay orgy; it’s actually a sport known as oil wrestling or grease wrestling (Yagli Gures in Turkish).

Oil wrestling, Turkey’s national sport, is a combat sport in which men douce their bodies in olive oil and then attempt to mount and pin their opponents, there’s no penalty for holding.

The entire competition is based on contenders battling to shove their hands down their opponent’s pants, which are called kispet. While it may appear to be lawless their wrestling, there are rules to the game. For example, wrestlers are not allowed to take hold of their opponents balls or enter their anus.

While mounting a lubed lad is typically an easy job, it’s much harder when your partner is trying to mount and pin you at the same time. According to the rules of Turkish Wrestling, the first fighter to have their “umbilicus exposed to heaven” loses the match. To win, you must keep your umbilicus (belly button) facing the ground at all times.


  1. I think they do grab each other’s balls, it’s just an unspoken secret. I saw a guy put his hand right underneath the other dudes zipper area, and keep it there for quite a few seconds and the other one didn’t even flinch, so yea not buyin it. Lol

  2. A note on douce: According to dictionaries, "douce" is a Scottish / North England adjective meaning sedate, quiet, modest. Perhaps the verb "douse," which means to splash or throw water or other liquid on, would be more appropriate. Somehow, those wrestler don't look like they are sedate, quiet or modest. Probably, most people know what the author means, but the word doesn't mean what the author means. Please post more with the correct word.

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