Judgment day on Judgment Day.

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  1. Even Though Hannibal Is a ReichWing Swine, I Feel Sorry For Him Because Abdullah Ruined His Life & Career!
    Poor Guy Got a WWE Contract That Became Worthless. No Wonder He Became a Bitter Red Pilled Cuckservative.
    Get Healthy Hannibal!
    Use Your Awesome Canadian Universal Healthcare To It's Fullest & Heal Your Mind.
    Best Wishes!

  2. “Everyone” who stepped into the ring with Abdullah the Butcher knew “full-well” that he would cut them with a blade. Hannibal knew he was going to be cut open, and he agreed to that match, so he can’t complain about contracting Hep-C from a filthy blade.

  3. I met Abdullah after a show in the late 90's early 2000's. He was a pretty sweet guy.

    Also Public Enemy gave my dad a case of beer. What a night.

    Edit: holy crap, both of the giys from Public Enemy are dead.

  4. Not exactly match-related, but what about the lawsuit from the couple hit by Vince's cane? At a Smackdown taping where Stephanie appears to get the better of Vince by "signing" one-legged wrestler Zach Gowen, Vince, who was using a cane for some reason, tried to throw it against the ring ropes, but it turned, went through the ropes, and hit a couple of fans at ringside. Oh, wait, it was at a Smackdown taping, so they just cut to a commercial before he threw the cane, and, at least as far as on-air references are concerned, It Never Happened.

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