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Are you a big fan of the Disney girls? Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were some of our biggest role models growing up and we spent a lot of time watching The Disney Channel. Not only are these girls living a glamorous life that we wish we had, but they’re also forever crowned as teen queen royalty. From where they live to who they hang out with, we know a lot about their day-to-day lives. But are you curious to know more about their love lives? Check out our video on 10 Hot Guys the Disney Girls Are Dating.


  1. That Marshmallow in the video is not the actual MARSHMALLOW beacause MARSHMALLOW doesn’t have tattoos well not that many

  2. well by weekend cuz jb and selena ARE BACK TOGETHER YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

    i never shipped the weekend and selena not cuz selena is white aand daa weekend is black no i just dont ship it

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