WARNING!! This video may contain spoilers.

You can watch fully subbed Flozmin scenes on the ‘flozminsubs’ dailymotion channel.

Here’s the list down in written form in case you want to look any of them up.

1. Hayley Kiyoko
2. Flor & Jazmin (Las Estrellas)
3. Kate & Rana (Coronation Street)
4. Amy Ordman (and her sisters)
5. Rose & Rosie
6. Arizona & Carina (Grey’s Anatomy)
7. Elena Alvarez (One Day at a Time)
8. Gays in superhero shows
9. ClexaCon
10. Lexa

tumblr: damnlexa.tumblr.com


  1. Please do a reaction series on Everything Sucks. It's a brand new netflix series with a super cute lesbian storyline lol. It's almost too relatable and got me quite emotional if i'm being honest

  2. Yeah it's 2018 and I still cry everytime remind me of Lexa's death.. like YOU for instance.. you are at every comment section of every gay video I watch and your name is BICLEXUAL for Clarke's sake😢

  3. Omg I did not know you watch Legends of tomorrow! I'm actually patiently waiting to Sara to get into Ava's pants next season.😂(and it was Ava Sharp–ithink😂)

  4. YAAAAAAAAS lesbian jesus!! And yeah it was pretty hard since English was just my third language but it was my fave part though

  5. Lena Luthor Hahahaha i can't. ♡ i'm agree 10/10 about this list. ( i think you should watch wentworth. It's GAY AF, just saying)

  6. My Tops are Camren, Carmilla, The Gaywoman Channel, Lintz, the Girlship tv, Cophine, Kate and Sophie, Agusleria, nicole and Waverly, Kiss mig, I can't think straight, Biclexual, Almy, Barbelle, and Barcedes their chemistry is amazing

  7. I’m not mad you added lexa ooof but it brought back feels, also another good couple is agustina and Valeria 👌🏻

  8. I high fived my screen when you talked about wanting to learn how to dance because of Hayley Kiyoko even though you're the worst dancer – like same girl, same!😂😂

  9. The camera is exposing to a spot in the center of your composition, so when you move and your hair is in that spot it exposes according to that.You might want to lock in your exposure and metering settings beforehand if it's an issue 🙂

  10. Great video! I discovered new gay stuff that I didn't know so thank you! I love your reaction videos, but this one was very good too. Maybe you should do more of these?

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