Rei and Sothy go to a Local Japanese Summer Festival scouting for nice yummy japanese boys~~ Yum yum


  1. am I the only one who can't see a thing?! it's so dark and blurred! I want to see the hot boys!!T^T

  2. u never saw fireworks so up close? where i life, the fireworks are like that a lot on silvester/new year.
    and before someone ask, i life on the coast of germany.

  3. omg XD you and me both lol XD stalking (yet in denial of stalking) hot guys during events XD

  4. yuuummmy guys!!! come here!!!
    hahahah i like your videos, especially when we watch hot guys

  5. Hahaha you're soo funny;), I'd want to see you hit on guys you don't know, and see what their reaction would be ;p

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