Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates: he’s gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.
Cast: Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel #TrailerCity #movie #trailer


  1. I told my mom about this movie and she said “that’s cool do you wanna see it”

    Then I told her Simon was gay.

    Then she said “…ew”

    What’s with it and homophobic people hating on gay people??? Is it like… enjoyable?

  2. Okay, everyone though..
    He’s black and jewish.
    Anyone else but me remember when the weird asshole guy was like at the cafe table “what’s a black and Jewish guy called? Bluish.”

    HIS SCREEN NAME IS BLUE. I realised this as this scene happened.

  3. I’ve gone through a lot that Simon did. Except I never really had friends, sadly. I’ve been a loner even as a kid. But one day I found one guy I connected really deeply to. But being Gay was always natural for me. I grew up just thinking me liking other Men was normal, which it should be. You should like who you like.

    I’m masculine and not feminine at all, and I hate stereotypes. I love that Simon was an amazing, original, normal character. You shouldn’t make your sexuality your personality. You’re you. Not some label.

    Also, like he even said in the movie, it’s sad that people even have to come out. I’ve actually grown up feeling completely natural about liking Men, and thought it was normal, which it is. And it was never this big scene for me, and it shouldn’t have to be for anyone. Imagine the time where people just love who they love.

  4. Um dos melhores filme que já vi e me emocionei, retratando o quão é difícil um homossexual se assumir e o quão muitas pessoas não respeitam essa decisão pessoal ! Ótimo filme

  5. Mediocre movie, the same argument of all life, the young fearful teenager, confused who does not know how to tell the world that he is Marica (gay)! Full of many mediocre, absurd, unnecessary dialogues, second-rate actors, boring until die, predictable! This "movie" is a cheap and filthy copy of the movie GET REAL! (THAT IS A FILM OF QUALITY) …..

  6. película Mediocre, el mismo argumento de toda la vida, el joven adolescente miedoso, confundido quien no sabe cómo decirle al mundo que es Marica! Llena de muchos diálogos mediocres, absurdos, innecesarios, actores de segunda, aburrida a morir, predecible! Esta "pelicula" es una copia cochina y barata de la película GET REAL! (QUE SI ES UNA PELÍCULA DE CÁLIDAD, get real 100% recomendada)…..

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